The Center for Disease control recommends everyone older than 6 months receive a flu shot. Seasonal death tolls from influenza has reached 49,000 in a single season. It is safe to say the flu is a serious illness. Every year a flu shot is developed to protect against the flu for the upcoming season. The vaccine is produced with a weakened form of each virus to cause your immune system to build antibodies. Unlike what the myth says, you will not contract the flu from a flu vaccine as it is not made up of live viruses.


Who should get a flu shot?

As mentioned, the CDC recommends everyone older than 6 months receive one. However, people at a higher risk are strongly encouraged. This includes people 65 or over as well as children. Those with certain medical issues are also strongly encouraged. Those with egg allergies used to not be able to receive a flu shot but recently a vaccine has been introduced that is eggless allowing those with egg allergies to be vaccinated.

I had a flu shot last year, do I need another one?

Yes. The flu is constantly changing so each year the vaccine is different from those in years past. The flu shot administered last year will not protect you against the flu this year.